Slim Body Meso - Fat and cellutie reducer

Fat loss | Cellulite reduction

SLIM BODY is unique in it achieves the lipolysis effect with natural ingredients which make it very safe for the clients in comparison to other products in the market that uses Deoxycholic Acid (DCA) and Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC) which though effective, they cause very serious side effects and they were even banned in many countries.

The main ingredients are:
  • Caffeine (concentrated): Caffeine works to increase blood flow and stimulate adipocytes to release fat into the bloodstream, so that it can to be burned by the body’s metabolism. Caffeine Solution drains the body’s fat cells. In parallel, It tightens and tones the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It acts as a lipolytic agent, breaking down the fat tissue and causing localized fat loss, without incurring any side effects.
  • Camelia Senesis Leaf extract: This natural extract also contains the methylxanthines that stimulate microcirculation, helping even the tone and health of the skin. It helps in eliminating fate from the body. In addition, Green tea extract is a good anti-inflammatory agent, reducing inflammation in the skin and inhibiting the action on collagenase. Collagenase is an enzyme that breaks the collagen leading to thin and flattened dermis and green tea helps maintain the level of collagen, leading to a firm and elastic skin. Clinical studies done on Slim Body showed significant reduction in double chin, arm and abdominal fat. And no serious side effects nor complications.

  • The procedure needs needle injections.
    It takes 3-6 sessions to get the final result.
    1 session every 2 weeks.