BioRePeel Cl3 Chemical Peel

Acne | Pigmentation | Ageing Skin | Uneven skin tone

For the body it is perfect for hands, knees, buttocks,elbows and under arms. This is like magic in a bottle.

This is a comfortable treatment, not painful and its not a peeling type of peel so even though it has TCA in this product, your face will not be falling off after a few days!.

It is an innovative treatment, using a patented 2-phase technology. It provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising & peeling-like effect. The product has been developed by CMED AESTHETIC (Italy).

Its rich composition sets BioRePeel Cl3 apart from its competitors. BioRePeel is excellent in anti-ageing due to it containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins your skin needs. It also contains 35% TCA (for face, neck and decolletage) and 50% TCA (for body) and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) which is muscle relaxant and thereby reduces wrinkles.

As a result, the combination of active components allows it to effectively prevent the ageing of the skin. Also, it decreases damage from UV light, pigmentation or acne. The essence of the treatment lies within its mild exfoliation. In addition, the powerful stimulation of biosynthetic processes restore the structure of the skin. Furthermore, the treatment is suitable for young skin during acute stages of acne, black heads, with recent or “fresh” scaring, as well as treating fine wrinkles.


Most frequent questions and answers

The BioRePeel can be used for the face, neck, decolletage and body

  • There is no preparation or downtime required
  • It exfoliates, removing dead skin cells encouraging skin to regenerate
  • Purifies and oxygenate the skin, leaving it moisturised and free of impurities mediated by its amino acids and vitamins
  • Closes open pores, improves the texture of the skin and increase thickness of the epidermis.
  • Addresses the effects of skin aging, softening wrinkles and adding turgidity
  • Unifies skin tone, add luminosity and smooth cutaneous imperfections.
  • Lightens and attenuates pigmented lesions, providing a depigmenting effect.
  • Reduces the manifestations of acne,  improves the appearance of scars with its anti-microbial and anit-bacterial properties

BioRePeelCl3  is not just a peel it has the following actions:

  • Protective and stabilising actions;
  • Regenerating action
  • Moisturising action
  • Biostimulating action
  • Revitalising action
  • Peeling and keratolytic actions
  • Anti-wrinkle and antioxidant actions
  • Anti-acne, comedones & enlarged pores

The main peel ingredients deliver a level 3 peel and include:

  • TCA 35%
  • Lactobionic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Tartaric acid
  • Citric Acid

The results are enhanced with the Biostimulation ingredients including Vitamins C and Revitalisation ingredients including Gamma-aminobutyric acid, Arginine and Riboflavin. The peel is also better-tolerated because of these ingredients.

  • No Injections
  • Zero Frost Effect
  • Doesn’t require Anaesthesia
  • Quick, and so Instant Results
  • Multi-functional
  • No Visible Traces of the Procedure
  • Does not contain Ammonia
  • Does not cause Photosensitivity

After makeup is removed with a facial cleanser, the skin is disinfected and Vaseline is applied to the sensitive areas such as the corners of the eyes, nose and lips. BioRePeel is then applied to the skin, during this treatment you may feel a warm tingling sensation. The peel is then removed with warm water, after a hydration serum is applied and finished with a SPF 50+.

The peel is a non-peeling peel meaning there’s minimal downtime, maybe a little redness. Excellent for that brighter tighter look.

After your treatment it is essential that you continue to wear a high SPF facial cream to protect your skin from sun damage and maintain best results.

  • Exfoliating agents for 5 days prior
  • AHAs, BHAs, retinol, self-tans for 7 days prior
  • UV or sun exposure 7 days prior
  • Waxing, hair removal or bleaching for 14 days prior
  • Non mineral makeup for 48 hours after
  • AHAs, BHAs, Retinol for 7 days after
  • Waxing, hair removal or bleaching for 14 days after
  • Sunbeds and self-tan for 14 days after

Course of approximately 4-6 peels is recommended for optimum results (estimated).

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